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Empowering, facilitating and
protecting your communications

lyntia, with a broad network of more than 17,800 km of fibre optic deployed in Spain, provides all types of connectivity services: capacity, dark fibre, internet, FTTH wholesale service, VSAT, co-location and much more.

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We offer you superlative fibre optic broadband, quickly and safely, proactively managed end-to-end 24/7, providing you with trunk capacity and connectivity as well as access services, both nationally and internationally.


Only with lyntia can you enjoy fibre optic hire services in the form of a hire agreement or long-term usage rights agreement. In addition, we can provide a permanently on-call preventative and corrective maintenance service.


lyntia connects you to the world through IP Transit services thanks to its powerful transport network and fibre optic connectivity, and to the connection with main submarine cables and neutral points in America and Spain. We also have connections with all major International Tier 1 ISPs.


lyntia offers a wholesale access service to its FTTH network including the backhaul, with the possibility of delivery at any neutral node. This is furthermore managed, operated and maintained by our 24x7 NOC.

FTTH Deployments


We boast an extensive satellite coverage through major international satellites that we operate with. We can offer tailor-made solutions that meet your needs: optimisation, design, configuration and prioritisation in accordance with the applications and services based on the use of protocols for voice, data and video traffic.


We make it possible for you to co-locate your communication equipment in our nodes in Spain and our points of presence (POPs) in Europe (London, Frankfurt, Marseille) and America (Miami, Los Angeles, New York), thereby facilitating fibre-optic management and interconnection with other operators.


Remote hands: lyntia will become your eyes, ears and hands when it comes to carrying out configuration tasks on equipment as well as maintenance and problem solving.