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Welcome to lyntia, the neutral operator of reference in the wholesale telecom sector.
A company that can offer you real solutions that are tailor-made
to meet the communication needs of your business.
lyntia offers you fibre optic connectivity services, with a broad network coverage
and a high capillarity.
More than 17,800 km of fibre optic deployed and over 20 years of experience in Spain.
Welcome to a company capable of connecting with everything that interests yours.

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Growing together

At lyntia we want to grow together with you, creating value and, most importantly, offering you the best solutions, at all times upheld by a set of values that define us as a company:

we are “obsessed” with offering a 100% safe network

we have a totally customer-centric approach , grounded on fulfilling our clients’ needs and building long-lasting relationships with them.

we love our job, and are motivated by the opportunities that the future brings

we like to make things easy
Torrespacio, Paseo de la Castellana, 259D, 28046 Madrid
915 50 77 00